The “Hows” in Investing

The "Hows" in Investing


How-to: Match Your Unit Trust Investing with Your Risk Appetite
When it comes to successful investing, the smart investor will only consider potential returns after first considering the risks involved…
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Here’s How To Evaluate Your Unit Trust Fund’s Performance
Hold or sell? Buy or wait? These are important investment decisions for every investor.
However, one thing is certain – investors should not base their decisions on emotions, or worse, rumours, but on the fund’s performance over time. Therefore, the funds must be regularly evaluated…
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How Does Equity Crowdfunding Work In Malaysia?
Raising money can be the toughest part of starting and sustaining a business. No matter how brilliant your business idea is, execution will not happen without the funds…
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How to Invest in Stocks like a Pro
Recently, Tom bumped into Jerry (his college mate) while strolling in a shopping mall. They decided to have coffee together. Here is how their conversation went.
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How to: Start Trading On The Malaysian Stock Market
Watching share prices rise and fall can leave a beginner frozen with fear, especially those who are not used to the volatility…
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How-to: Invest in Bonds
In times of heightened risk aversion, investors typically shift their investments from higher risk financial instruments like…
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