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Getting Started In Unit Trust Investing
To most Malaysians, the term “unit trust investing” involves a few simple steps where one deposits money into a fund, and then patiently waits for an increase in…
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Investing in Bonds
Malaysian retail investors have never actively participated in bond investing. Some of you may have bought bond funds offered by the unit trusts…
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Introduction to Derivatives
Derivatives are financial instruments used to manage a person’s exposure to volatile markets. A derivative product’s value depends upon and is derived from an underlying…
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Managing Equity Market Risk by Using Derivatives
Experts have always advised investors to reduce risk in their investment portfolio by diversifying. However, even the most diversified…
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The ABCs of Warrants
When discussing investments, Malaysian investors typically link it with stock investing and unit trusts However,relatively little…
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The Risk of Investing in Warrants
A warrant is an investment tool which provides opportunity for investors to diversify their investment. It is popular among retail investors, mainly due to its low… 
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What Are Structured Warrants?
Are you aware that you can invest in warrants as an alternative to shares? What is a warrant? Is it risky? Read on to find out more…
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Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why should I invest in PRS?
A: Having a voluntary scheme in addition to the EPF also allows private company employees and self-employed persons to…
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Key Features of Private Retirement Schemes (PRS)
Have you ever thought about retirement? Regardless of which stage you are currently at in your career, retirement is something… 
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5 Reasons Why We Should Consider REIT as a Long-Term Investment

Meet Tom.
Tom is a sales engineer. He has been working since graduating from a local university three years ago. From which, Tom is able to save up a sizeable sum of RM 30,000 as he is careful in spending…

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Is It Time To REIThink Your Investments?
Are you unable to afford investing in property because of the huge costs involved? Well, the good news is youcan indirectly invest in property via a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)!…

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Investor’s Guide to Exchange-traded Funds
What is an ETF?
Generally, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are index-tracking funds that are listed and traded on a stock exchange like stocks…
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Investing in the Malaysian Capital Market: Bonds
The Malaysian capital market offers various investment products in the form of shares, unit trusts, bonds, warrants and derivatives. However, as an investor the type of…
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Investment Guide: Investing In Shariah-Compliant Investments
Ethical and responsible investing is not a foreign concept. Globally, investors are showing interest in investments that cover a whole range…
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Investment Guide: Understanding The Prospectus
The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has always advocated that investors should conduct their own due diligence by…
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Making Dividend-Paying Stocks Work in Your Favour
Dividend-paying stocks play an active role in a long term investment portfolio because they may provide a somewhat predictable stream of income…
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The Risks of Investing in Unit Trust Funds
Investing is known to be an adventure that is filled with risks. However, the type of investment you choose will determine the degree…
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